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PracticalCAD Training offers the following:
- 30 years experience providing CATIA
® training;
- the lowest prices and best reputation in the industry;
- courses developed and taught by seasoned design and engineering professionals;
- 50% discount to unemployed;
- 33% to those working in the design/engineering field but paying for training themselves;
- small class sizes (limited to 2 students per class);
- students are entitled to take the class a 2nd time free-of-charge (based on availability);
- offering in-class CATIA
® training in the metro Detroit area;
- also offering "Live One-on-One Online CATIA
® Training";
® tutorial

HURRY!!! With the automotive industry on the rebound, the job market for CATIA
® is skyrocketing and so is the demand for CATIA® training. With small class sizes and 50% discounts, the classes fill up fast, so don't get shut out. Call or email today to reserve a spot in an upcoming class. 586 693 2585 /

Why choose PracticalCAD for your CATIA training needs?

A) Experience: Keith Childress began offering CATIA® training while employed as the Lead Designer in the restraints (seat belts) group at Saturn Corp. in 1986. In the early nineties, he taught designers and engineers how to use CATIA® while under contract as a design leader at Freightliner Truck and later at Motor Panels Inc. In the mid-nineties Mr. Childress partnered with the Batavia/Philpot Schools to develop and teach the Batavia/Philpot CATIA V4 course. In 1995 Mr. Childress began offering his own course he called Practical CATIA® Training. Eventually Mr. Childress was joined in the family business by his sons Adam and Todd, both designers. Together, the Childress' developed their CATIA® V5 course, which is based on their combined experience working in the automotive/aerospace design/engineering profession. They began offering CATIA® V5 training in 2001, and to the best of their knowledge, were the first company in the state of Michigan to offer CATIA® V5 training.

B) Reputation: The Childress family has the best reputation for providing CATIA® training in metro-Detroit.  However, their reputation extends well beyond. Because of their outstanding reputation, in 2001 IBM and IBM's Business Partner MSC Software sought the Childress' help in promoting the new CATIA® V5 software. IBM and MSC Software supplied the Childress' with the CATIA® V5 software for use in their class and for their students to install on their home computers. In exchange, the Childress' agreed to allow MSC Software to advertise on the Childress' website and to provide MSC Software with sales leads and their students' contact information for marketing purposes.. In 2004, IBM's partner, Dassault Systemes (the French company that owns of the CATIA® software), followed its partner's (IBM and MSC Software) lead when they contacted the Childress' with a request to advertise their new Global Certification Program on the Childress' website. The Childress family agreed and Dassault's banner ads appeared on their website for more than 5 years. (Click here to view Dassault's email and Banner Ads)

C) Pricing: The normal cost of the Childress' CATIA training is $1700, which is about a third less than what other companies charge for less than comparable CATIA® training. However, in an attempt to help those who are unemployed, or who are employed but paying for the training out of their own pocket, the Childress' often offer up to 50% discounts off the normal cost of training. (Click here to view current discounts)

D. Small Class Sizes: For the past several years the Childress' have limited class size to two (2) students per class, making their training the next best thing to one-on-one training there is. The Childress' have found through 25+ years of training experience that two students per class is the optimal number to provide the a best training experience for the student. The Childress' are unaware of any other company or training organization that limits class sizes to two students per class.

E. Convenient Schedule: The Childress' offer in-class CATIA®training days, evenings, and weekends at their training facility conveniently located near the I-75 and I-696 interchange. (Click here for course schedule)

F. Live Online CATIA Training: In addition to providing in-class training at their southeastern Michigan training facility, the Childress' pioneered the use of the internet to deliver CATIA® training to people across the USA and around the world.  (Click here for information regarding CATIA online training)

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NOTE The Practical CAD Training course is not offered as vocational training or as qualifying one for any particular employment. There are no course credits transferable to any accredited educational institution.

NOTE: CATIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systemes and has no affiliation with Practical CAD Training.